Life Soundtracks – Home

Looking at the ins and outs of music as culture from my doorstep to way way beyond.

If life is one big long film, what is your soundtrack and how on earth did you come to select it?

If your entrance into every room triggered a theme tune, what would it be?

How, when and where do you listen to the soundtrack to your life?

You are the DJ and soundscape engineer of your own musical destiny. If we shape our existences with music, are you consuming a balanced musical diet?

If music is identity, what does your desert island mp3 collection say about you?

What’s your funeral song? What’s your musical ‘guilty pleasure’? Are you out of tune with ‘popular culture’ and dance to the beat of your own drum?

So many questions, so little time, but this blog attempts to delve into the vast ocean of music that makes people tick and to explore the meaning, value and function of it in our world today.


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